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Growing up, my parents always told me “you can be whatever you want to be.” If I had a dream my mom would say "it's better to try it than to never try at all." That one always stuck with me. But in the midst of this crazy world we live in I lost myself. This may not be the bio you were expecting with amazing accomplishments and a built up resume. But the truth of it all is that you should feel confident and not have to impress people. I've lived and learned a lot, and growing up in Boston you find that your family is everything. My grandfather used to always say "your word is your bond," but I never really understood the true meaning until I met a special person who changed my life. 

Success is not all about the money you make or the car you drive or the people you know. Success to me is made up of self-worth, spending time with the ones you love, doing what makes you happy, and growing mentally, spiritually, and professionally. A lot of people lose touch with that, I certainly did. You could make average pay and live in an average house… but as long as you're happy that's all that matters. Don't try to be someone you're not, in the end you will lose everything you worked hard for.


Because I played sports my whole life, I always dreamed of playing in the NFL in front of tens of thousands of people. Sure that's a great dream to have -  but you have to be realistic as well. I wasn’t the best student, but I grinded my way through college playing football. I had several challenges going to a small college in Western Massachusetts to try to live the dream of playing D1 football. Then, I went to a junior college in California where I learned the skills needed to play at the next level. As I was gearing up for the game that week, I received a call from my dad that my mom had a brain bleed and was in the ICU. The first thing I said was I'll be right there. I told the coach I had to go and that I didn't know if I was coming back. I put my dreams on hold to care for someone that took care of me my whole life. I flew back to Boston where I found out she had lost feeling of the whole left side of her body, and that her memory was impaired. At that moment, I felt I had to help her so I studied how to regain muscle memory in which I stumbled upon personal training. I got my personal trainers certification and started to work with my mom on rebuilding exercises. 6 months passed, and I wanted to get back to focusing on my dream of playing college football at the highest level. I was sending film out to colleges and finally received a walk-on tryout for Clemson University. I began training with the team until one week before the tryouts I felt a pop in my ankle, tearing a ligament. I did all I could from ice, quarterzone shots, to taping it but to no avail. I gave it my all and celebrated everyone else's hard work, to find that my best at the time wasn't good enough. Failure is apart of life and you have to accept that and grow from it. Sure it stung a lot and I let a lot of people down but as my mom would put it "better try than never try at all."

I finished up at Clemson and ventured back to Boston where I worked with Sports Marketing Agency, Sports Identity. We worked with MLB players and NFL players. I enjoyed my time there but felt like I was destined for something more. Later I was talking with a friend whose dad was a huge tech investor and said that mobile apps will be the future. I learned everything I could about mobile app development. I became a full stacker and started freelancing and thought let's just make a business. That's when Evolve Enterprise was born. I worked on many amazing projects with Millennium Partners and Hilton Worldwide. While building a CRM backend for Hilton Worldwide. I discovered automations within python and javascript and built a software for Instagram and TikTok called Grampresso for passive income. Then I moved to Los Angeles to build up a subscription list with artists and influencers. I saw the direction of where digital marketing was going and saw value in building a marketing agency called ConnectiveWave - focusing on musicians and athletes. I was also involved in a great project for virtual sports training for all types of athletes called PlayersIQ, working with Steph Curry's trainer RobMac and NFL athletic trainer Goldfeet Global. Currently lI reside in Nashville, TN and am working to expand ConnectiveWave to be a powerhouse in the marketing world. If I could give any advice, be comfortable in your own skin, work hard, laugh as much as possible, love big, be honest, and follow your dreams. 






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